Olivier Mancardi

DoP | Director | Editor

I was born on December 29, 1986 in Paris region. I grew up in an environment full of images, photos and movies. Immersed in this environment, I rapidly developed a taste for this passion.

Self-taught man and eager for knowledge, I tried several fields.

I got a foothold in the movies world when I met Matthieu Moerlen: I was first assistant director for his short Le Calme Avant. I continued one year later with my first short La Peur, which I wrote and directed, and in which I also play.

I then created Babounboy, a “brand” I use as label.

Following various projects, I realized I was really passionate about light and image. Meeting director of photography Michaël Ayach while working on Matthieu Moerlen’s short Longtemps j’aimais le Mot Longtemps was an important turning point for me.

I was director of photography on several projects, including music videos, web series, video recordings of plays, shorts…

Since then, I work a lot with Monsieur Jadis production company.

Two years after the first one, I returned to film-making for my second short Automne, which was short-listed for the Ozark Shorts festival in Missouri.

Chef opérateur sur de nombreux projets, dont des clips, des webs séries, des captations théatrâles, plusieurs courts métrages...

They trusted me

Monsieur Jadis

Production company

Monsieur Jadis is a production company created by Matthieu Moerlen. Independent moviemaker, he is my best work partner.


Sports shop

Decathlon is a sports retailer. I worked with them and made inter-company videos.


City hall

I worked at the communication department of the city of Levallois during one year, covering various events organized by the city.