Camera and lenses

Having the Panasonic GH5, I can work in Full HD and in 4K depending on projects. Moreover, in order to get the best made and most detailed image, I add Leica R prime lenses, which are very famous.
I have the following lenses: 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and 90mm.

Choosing Leica lenses is important:
  • the depth of field is good, very soft blurred option;
  • a long-throw focus ring in order to be as clear as possible;
  • a large aperture, F2, in order to work in difficult lighting conditions.
Moreover, I adapted them for movies:
  • they are de-clicked,
  • the focus ring has enough notches to adapt a follow focus,
  • and the size of their external front filter is 80mm, which is standard for movies.

Grip equipment

The Sirui N-3204X tripod offers great stability. It is made of carbon, thus it is very light and strong. Its load capacity is up to 10kg. Its main feature is the possibility to unscrew one of the legs to convert to a monopod.
I add a Benro S7 video head which enables me to make flowing movements.

In addition, I am a handyman and I make my own equipment accessories. Drawing my inspiration from famous brands, I make my tools to film.
Equipped with a dolly, a slider and a shoulder rig, I can enhance any projects for any budgets.

Editing equipment

For editing, I have a boosted MacBook Pro. Several hard drives enable me to manage long rushes hours.
Regarding software, I use Final Cut Pro X, a high-performance software, with Davinci Resolve and Logic Pro X, respectively for colour-grading and audio, as well as Motion and Compressor.
My knowledge of Photoshop enables me to work on posters or materials for a project communication.