About Me

Passionate about the movies world, I write, direct and edit my own movies. Since I met Matthieu Moerlen, I work a lot with Monsieur Jadis production company. I carry out various projects under the Babounboy label.

person About Me


Working as assistant director, assistant cameraman, director of photography, director, editor, actor, etc., I am fascinated by the field of image. I had the opportunity to work on web series, shorts, video recordings of plays, music videos…

camera_roll Projects


Equipped with the Panasonic GH5 and Leica R lenses, I can work on all kinds of projects. With some equipment accessories, such as a slider, a dolly and a shoulder rig, I have the necessary equipment to respond to any proposals.

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Work with me

By experience, I learned a lot about the audio-visual world. The diversity of the projects on which I worked enables me to adapt to different situations.
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