Assistant Director

I took my first steps in the audio-visual world as assistant director.
Short movie

Le Calme Avant

Independent short by Matthieu Moerlen. About 40 minutes, 40 persons. I also did camera work for this short.

Short movie

Fais Beau, l'Hiver !

Viral short by Matthieu Moerlen.

Short movie
Longtemps j'Aimais le Mot Longtemps 2013

Short by Matthieu Moerlen. Best Screenplay Award at the Regards au Longs-Courts Festival in 2014.

Short movie

Aux Chiottes

Short by Matthieu Moerlen. Special Jury Prize at Bucharest Short Film Festival in 2017; and Best Photography Award at Assurdo Film Festival in Milan in 2018.

Director and film editor

Author, I also make my own movies. Two are already released, and two are being written.
Short movie

La Peur

The first short I wrote, directed and edited. I also play the lead role.

Short movie


A short stages one actress. Short-listed for the Ozark Shorts festival in Missouri in 2016.

Director of photography

Even if I like dabbling in various positions, I work most as director of photography.

Dans l'Dos !

Short/music video written by Matthieu Moerlen. Music by La Race Canine.

Short movie

Le Marabout

Short written and directed by Joachim Delmotte. A French comedy...!

Web serie

La Vie Absurde de Deux Connards

Web series written by Joachim Delmotte and Matthieu Moerlen, absurd and crazy.

Web série

The Wonderfull Life of Sylvain B.

Web series written by Sylvain Binnetti and Matthieu Moerlen.


I worked on a documentary entitled Kosovo is everywhere in collaboration with Mr Jadis; this documentary was filmed in Kosovo during one month.

I also worked as director of photography for advertisements.

I also have the experience of the stage as I recorded plays and concerts, including Sophren.

I can also work for companies, as I did for Decathlon, creating inter-company videos, and for the communication department of the city of Levallois.

I also sometimes go to the other side of the camera, as for the short by Hugo Will-Boissonnat, Calypso.